Idorenyin Umo
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…Community Development, Education, Ors Topmost Priority

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of IBBIL, an ICT firm in Nigeria and beyond, Hon Idorenyin Umo has joined the Akwa Ibom governorship race.

Briefing Newsmen in Uyo recently, Hon. Umo expressed the hope that he will win the race in view of his exposure and experience in business; politics, managerial life and being in touch with the people over the years, helped him to understand the plight of the people. He noted that if given the opportunity, he will bring his wealth of experience to bear in the governance of Akwa Ibom State.

He stressed that he will harness the resources that abound in each community to create wealth to enhance the living standard of the people. The former lawmaker decried abundant natural resources that abound in each local government areas of the state that are wasted, promised that if given opportunity in the Hilltop Mansion by the Akwa Ibom people, those resources would be tapped for the good of the people.

In the area of business development, Hon. Umo observed that some policies of government affect the growth of businesses, thereby impinged on the internally generated revenue of the state, “most government policies hinder businesses to grow and I know how to create policies for businesses to thrive”.

In education, Mr. Umo added that he will harness the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) tools be ensure that all schools in the state are fully equipped with computer laboratory, according to him, ‘a primary three child should be able to understand and operate computer independently’. Apart from making education attracted to students in the state, he promised to restore the fallen standard in education, “as far as education is concerned, we have lost generations and I have the key to bringing it back to our children”.

The governorship hopeful come 2023, himself a born again Christian who constantly affirmed that he cannot deny God, his faith in God or the integrity he has built over the years in the altar of leadership but promised to uphold it by giving effective and God-fearing leadership to Akwa Ibom people with diligence, sincerity, humility and with all sense of responsibility, “I have integrity and I will try to preserve it”.

Hon. Idorenyin James Umo, a graduate from the prestigious University of Lagos, an indigene of Ekimbuk in Ibiono Ibom local government area, a former governorship candidate in 2011 under the Labour Party said that he is fully back to the ruling People’s Democratic Party whom he is one of the founding members.

A former member of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly who represented Ibiono Ibom State Constituency between 1999 and 2003 and served in the capacity of Deputy Majority Leader and Chairman of many House Committees including that of Works, Housing, Transport and Environment. A former State Coordinator of the defunct Peoples Bank.

As the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of IBBIL, he has in his employ in his private capacity, over 200 staffers and has contributed significantly to the growth of the state, Nigeria and Africa as a whole as the company is spread in almost all the states of the federation. He said, “I have surrendered myself to serve you as governor come 2023”.

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