What they says about Hon. Umo
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“I have known Hon. Idorenyin Umo for over 20 years, even before he became a member of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly. He has been a consistent Christian. The implication is that he has a standard. He has served his community, particularly in the area of preparing our children for the School Certificate examination. I’ve worked with him on one or two companies to ensure that computer education could be introduced nationally. He has the character, competence and antecedence that are adequate for governance. He will stand for the truth, maintain integrity and show forth the fear of the Lord”.

Barr. James Essien, Former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice Akwa Ibom State


“I learnt humility and creativity from that man. He is a very creative and humble man, and I later got to know that he is a silent philanthropist who doesn’t like to be announced. He helps a lot, but he doesn’t blow his trumpet. He is a very straight-forward man, he doesn’t pretend, but speaks the truth as it were. Indeed, if he joins the race as God willing, we know he has what it takes to transform the State and stabilize the system by curtailing excesses as well as utilizing resources and conserving it for the use of the masses, not for political godfathers. Honourable Idorenyin Umo is an independent-minded person who, if given power, would really utilize it. He has what it takes to transform this state. He single-handedly built his Company without making noise. I encourage him to go into the race and God who is the ultimate decider, would perfect everything concerning him”.

Barr. Joseph Paulinus Etim, a legal luminary


“I know Hon. Idorenyin Umo to be a very vocal person, caring and yet unperturbed. He is very objective, visionary, focused and not easily carried away by issues. I can say this because in his business which has now metamorphosed into a full scale computer education, he is very focused. I think if he applies that pulsatile leadership in providing direction for the running of governance in the state, he would be a very successful administrator. He is very willing to work with anybody who has something to offer, without ethnic or tribal discrimination. I think that some of these qualities give him advantage. He has been around in the State, and knows every nooks and crannies of the State, and knows what can be done to turn around the fortune of a State like Akwa Ibom”.

Dr. Nnyanga Akpan, University of Uyo


“Hon. Idorenyin Umo is a vibrant young man. He has been very active in community development and in many areas, people have benefitted from him, especially from his hometown. He is a very honest person, straight-forward and very broad in his approach. In the House of Assembly, his voice was strongly heard. He is a prominent business man and very dependable. On the private sector, his business has been very useful in exposing a lot of persons to the computer. He is very simple and down-to-earth. With the attributes of this young man, if he is given a higher office, certainly, Akwa Ibom will do better.”

Prof. Obot Essien Antia-Obong, Professor of Medicine, University of Calabar,


“I see Hon. Idorenyin James Umo as the man God is preparing to take Akwa Ibom State to the next level. He has what it takes to meet the yearning s of the masses. His policies are people driven and centred. His grassroots development blueprint will not only solve hunger and unemployment challenges but position Akwa Ibom as an industrial hub in the nation. I support him and encourage Akwa Ibomites to support this genuine born again believer to the Hilltop Mansion as Governor come 2023,”

Pastor Ime Morgan, An Economist


Hon. Idorenyin James, a former member of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, who served in the house during the administration of Obong Victor Attah, is a Christian with new birth experience in Christ. He is thorough in leadership, straight forward, honest and has the fear of God in him. He has succeeded over the years as a giver in the church and fellowships and has the charisma of carrying people along to execute programmes and projects earmarked successfully.  As a business man, he has succeeded to run his outfit–the IBBIL computer profitably years. I know him as a man with genuine burden to seeing God’s redemptive plan comes to pass for our dear state–Akwa Ibom in terms of letting the wealth of the land reach the people more effectively than now. I know when God gives him opportunity to lead the state the people will rejoice according to the Bible—‘when the righteous is in authority, the people rejoice’. I know him to be a man with a very stable marriage. He is a good husband and father. He is a material suitable to govern us at a critical time like this.

Mr Ufan Abasi Elijah MD—Impact Impression Nigeria, Uyo.

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