Private sector-driven industrial development, we believe, is a strategy that can fast-track economic growth to create wealth for the people. Given this fact therefore, we intend to:

  • Establish an industrial development fund to which indigenes of the state would empower them, set up and run profitable small-scale industries.


  • Provide technical support to interested persons/agencies desiring to do genuine business in the state.


  • Build industrial parks in every senatorial district to encourage investors to undertake business ventures within acceptable clusters.
    Rehabilitate some ailing industries in the state through involvement of credible private sector participation.


The enterprising nature of the people of the state especially in commerce and industry has justified the need to provide and facilitate enabling environment to harness same for wealth creation. Accordingly, we hope to:

  • Establish, expand and develop existing market/commercial centers with basic infrastructures to promote entrepreneurship and facilitate mobility of goods and services in the state.


  • Establish and rehabilitate local market centers to provide facilities for the people to engage in profitable economic activities notably trading, as a means of fighting unemployment and poverty and developing local entrepreneurship.


  • Encourage and empower indigenes of the state to actively participate in the business of importing and exporting goods, taking advantage of EPZ and the seaport to be built in the state.


Given the natural resources and rich arable land of the state, I believe that Agriculture can be a major source of wealth and prosperity to the people of the state. Under this sub-sector therefore, I hope to:

  • Utilize public-private partnerships to establish farm settlements in each L.G.A. with a view to making the state self-sufficient in food production.


  • Empower areas of specialized agricultural produce for large-scale production of such commodities for local consumption and export.


  • Provide regulatory framework for foreign investment in the production of exportable commodities to create employment opportunities and also bring foreign earnings to the state.


  • Establish agro-based industries with a view to providing processing and adequate storage facilities to ensure food security for the state.


  • Provide a land bank where investors can readily access land for relevant projects that will promote agricultural development in the state.


Given the natural resources and rich arable land of the state, We believe that Agriculture can be a major source of wealth and prosperity to the people of the state. Under this sub-sector therefore, we hope to:

  • Expand the existing capacity of the state owned IPP with a view to making power available for industrial development and use by the people.


  • Upgrade existing electricity facilities to ensure steady supply of power to every community in the state.


  • Generate dedicated power that will service the industrial parks proposed for each senatorial district for the industrial development of the state.

Oil & Gas

The rich natural resources typified by the abundant oil and gas reserves in the state are God-given wealth that should provide comfort rather than pains and sorrows. Few indigenes, if any, are involved in its exploitation and distribution. In this sector therefore, we shall:

  • Develop a gas plant to support the industrial parks intended for economic transformation of the state.


  • Encourage and facilitate indigenes of the state to actively take part in oil/gas exploration, refining and distribution (upstream and downstream).


  • Collaborate with oil companies, subject to existing policies/regulations, to exploit existing oil/gas resources to bring in more wealth to the oil-bearing communities of the state.


An efficient transport system, is a sine qua non for effective distribution of goods and services as well as mobility of persons in and out of the state. It is our intention, in this direction, to:


  • Expand existing mass transport system in the state through partnership with credible persons and organizations to increase the number of available taxi cabs and buses for affordable inter and intra-city movement of persons and goods.


  • Embark on the development of water transport business for the coastal areas of the state.


  • Liaise with the Federal Government and interested private investors to extend rail transport to the state.


  • Liaise with reliable aviation companies to effectively utilize the Ibom airport through a more regular and consistent flight operations into the state.


This wheel of progress shall be oiled through the:

  • Establishment and development of research and development (R&D) institutions especially in the key areas of need, such as agriculture, medicine, etc. in the state.


  • Identification and empowerment of indigenes with proven skills to develop and market discoveries and inventions (technology incubation).


  • Provide ICT training facilities to afford more people opportunity to acquire the knowledge in the state at a very tender age.


Tourism shall be seen as an economic catalyst that can be used to fast-tract economic activities in the state. For this reason, we shall:


  • Identify areas of great tourism potential to develop through private sector involvement.


  • Promote activities/events that would encourage people from within and outside Nigeria to visit the state from time to time.


  • Facilitates events that would draw people to the state, notably our beaches.


  • Develop existing Ibom Golf Course Resort into a world class conference center.


  • Provide adequate security to ensure life and property in the state are safe.



We consider education to be the machinery through which present developmental endeavours can be sustained for future relevance of the indigenes of the state. In this light therefore, our government shall provide quality education through:

  • Rebuilding the entire education system from primary to the university level.


  • Expanding and upgrading existing educational facilities in addition to the provision of new ones. Training and retraining of teachers on current instructional and school management strategies.


  • Improved welfare package and incentives for teachers.


  • Establishment of a world-class functional R & D Institute in the state.


  • Strengthening of school inspectorate services.


  • Review of policies on establishment and running of private schools to ensure that quality education is provided at reasonable cost to the people who choose to send their wards to private schools.


  • Reintroduction of boarding facilities in every secondary school in the state.


  • Expansion of informal education to accommodate more disadvantaged categories of persons in the state.


Information is the communication process through which the citizenry is acquainted with government programme policies and the roles expected of them. Given this importance, our administration shall:


  • Expand and modernize existing information system to facilitate information dissemination in the state.


  • Create a regular interaction and information exchange between the people and the Governor at all level.


The health of the citizenry shall be given serious attention to ensure that people have access to medical services at affordable rates. Accordingly, our government shall:


  • Establish primary, secondary and tertiary health institutions to facilitate access to health care facilities.


  • Build and equip a general hospital in every L.G.A. where there is none.


  • Equip existing hospitals with up-to-date facilities.


  • Provide training facilities and opportunities for medical personnel to update their professional skills.


  • Promote a reliable and sustainable health insurance scheme in the state.


  • Promote the establishment of pharmaceutical industries in the state.


Shelter is a primary need of man which has no alternative and cannot be compromised in providing comfort to the people. It shall be the focus of this government to:

  • Review existing housing policy in the state towards the creation of more low, medium and high-density housing estates within and outside the state capital to enable more people have access to secured residential areas where they can build houses and live anywhere in the state.


  • Collaborate with reliable mortgage institutions to make low interest loans available to pensionable public servants to enable them build and own houses.


Motorable roads in the state has been a source of concern to successive governments even before the state was created. While existing ones need to be maintained there is still need for more to be created. This situation has been prompted by the growing population and developmental challenges facing the state today. In this wise therefore, we intend to:


  • Tar all the roads in the state capital.


  • Pursue correct pricing in road construction to conserve fund for many more roads to be built in the state.


  • Embark on the development of ring roads to expand the state capital.


  • Pave motorable roads in the L.G.A’s.

Sports & Recreation

To encourage our teeming youths to utilize their talents in rewarding sports activities, this government shall:


  • Embark on the development of sports/recreation facilities at both state capital and the L.G. headquarters such as a comprehensive sports centre.


  • Work to ensure that the state is recognized as a force to reckon with in the sports industry in Nigeria. In this direction, our Olympic-sized sport stadium complex shall be intensively utilize.


  • Encourage massive talent-hunt through regular sports activities at both L.G. and state levels, to identify, encourage and develop prospective international sportsmen/women from the state.


For development to be sustained in the state, adequate steps must be taken to ensure that the various environmental challenges receive attention. Accordingly, this government shall:

  • Review existing policies and laws to ensure that they respond adequately to emerging challenges affecting our land, air and aquatic environments.


  • Ensure that environmental factors are taken into consideration when locating, designing and building various developmental projects in the state.


  • Promote international best practices in environmental management and sustainable development in the state.


  • Reappraise the drainage designs for the state capital and other parts of the state, to contain the perennial flood and erosion problems that impede traffic flow and threaten our land resources during rainy seasons.


  • Review the urban development plan with a view to segregating certain developments.


Potable water supply has been a serious challenge in the state in spite of huge resources committed into it over the years. It is the intention of this government to address this issue once and for all through a deliberate policy:

  • To take water from a perennial source to treat and distribute to the people.


  • Upgrade and expand existing water works to ensure that more communities are reached with quality water supply.


Governance cannot be provided in an atmosphere of insecurity and violence where people cannot move about freely without fear of molestation. It is the intention of this government to address this embarrassing situation in the state through:

  • Putting in place a sustainable security network in the state to ensure safety of lives and property.


  • Empowering security agencies with state-of-the-art equipment to boost their crime fighting abilities and strategies.


  • Creating employment opportunities for our teeming youths to engage themselves in profitable ventures and turn their attention away from crime.


  • Encouraging a more organize vigilante arrangement in the state.


It is the intention of this government to put in place, sustainable welfare packages for some vulnerable groups in the state. Accordingly:


  • Children under ten years of age shall enjoy free medical treatment in public hospitals and clinics in the state.


  • Children of up to fifteen years of age shall enjoy subsidized medical treatment at public hospitals and clinics were referred from their schools.


  • Primary and secondary education shall continue to be free in the state.


  • Old people’s homes shall be built in every LGA headquarters to rehabilitate and cater for old persons who may wish to stay there.


  • More orphanages shall be built to provide care and attention to such children.


  • Citizens aged 70 years and above shall enjoy free medical treatment in public hospitals and clinics in the state.


  • Unemployed widows shall be assisted to set up own businesses or learn trade through which they can fend for themselves and the family.


  • A policy to cater for the needs of citizens suffering various disabilities in the state shall be put in place. This would be realized in collaboration with the 31 L.G.A’s in the state.


Women shall be given adequate representation in the government.


Unemployed youths shall be encouraged to form groups with which they can use to access government empowerment/support for them. Efforts shall be intensified to undertake programmes that will create opportunities for employment of youths. As much as possible, youths shall be encouraged to go to school through provision of scholarships and bursaries. Such acquisition centres shall be established for youths to acquire skills in the state.


This government shall entrench leadership through the three-prong process of:


  • Servant hood – I shall see and consider my position as an opportunity to serve the people and not to exploit or oppress them.


  • Stewardship – I intend to practice accountable leadership exemplified through responsible transparency and use of due process.


  • Shepherdship – I shall give to the people, the expected benefits of provisions, protection and care.


In principle and practice, my government shall seek to apply these godly qualities in serving the people of Akwa Ibom State and leaving them enduring legacy of the leadership of the state.