Idorenyin Umo

Honourable Idorenyin James Umo came to
public sphere, after the mandatory National Youth Service in Lagos, when he as
a young graduate got employed with the defunct Peoples Bank of Nigeria in 1989
in same Lagos, worked diligently, rose through the ranks and voluntarily
resigned in 1991 as the Akwa Ibom State pioneer Coordinator of the bank after
successfully established eight branches of the bank across the three Senatorial
Districts of the state. Honourable Idorenyin James Umo is the very definition
of the ICT and business success story, continually setting the standards of
excellence while expanding his interests in training, mentorship and

In Akwa Ibom State and around Nigeria
and indeed, the West Africa Sub-region, Hon. Umo’s signature is synonymous with
the most prestigious of discourses in the ICT (information, Communication and
Technology) world.  Among some of his creations and innovations in the ICT
world are the Sales and services through its outlets where individual and
organizational clients have access to computer supplies, installations and
maintenance; ICT consultancy as IBBIL provides consultancy services in project
management, hardware configuration and selection, develop system for monitoring
and evaluation as well as information management; ICT training: General
Learners ICT Programme (GLIP), Executive Computers Learners ICT Programme
(ECLIP); IBBIL Tertiary/University Learners ICT Programme (TULIP), IBBIL
Kiddies ICT Club and IBBIL School Learners ICT Programme (SLIP).

Honourable Idorenyin James Umo has been
responsible for various ICT services on international, national and state
scenes such as technical partners for International Financial Corporation (IFC)
sponsored Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) owners forum, stewarded by
Pan-African University, Lagos in 2011; deployment of connectivity and learning
tools to schools in Edo State under the School Access Programme (SAP) of the
Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) in 2009; supply and installation of
computer systems and staff training on ICT facilitated e-learning equipment at
the Maritime Academy of Nigeria in 2008; Niger Delta Development Commission
(NDDC) training centre: Graduate Computer Training Programme, 2011; consulting
on the deployment of wireless internet access to facilitate ICT-based
e-learning programme and internet connectivity in the University of Uyo;
supply, installation, networking, maintenance of computer systems and staff
training on ICT resources linking all key government ministries and agencies in
Akwa Ibom State; supply, installation, maintenance and provision of training
and consultancy services for ICT facilities in the Akwa Ibom State House of
Assembly; training of teachers on the ICT-based e-learning curriculum under the
UBE programme in Akwa Ibom State; supply, installation, maintenance and
provision of training and consultancy services for ICT facilities in schools
across the 36 States of the federation and Abuja.

In 1997, Honourable
Idorenyin James Umo started his business career with an incorporated limited liability company code named, IB
Benest Investments Limited, which was involved in the importation and supply of
goods and services to individuals and corporate organisations, notably, oil
companies such as Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited. Because of high
expectations on the ICT world and the vision for the future coupled with Divine
direction, the company redefined its operations and strategies by recreating
and remodeling its corporate image into IBBIL Computers with a wide network of
partnership with leading ICT firms across the globe and has grown over the
years to become one of the leading ICT organisations in Nigeria and sub-Saharan
Africa. Located strategically at No. 80 Aka Road, Uyo as its Corporate
Headquarters, with branches at No. 2, Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo; No. 44 Abak
Road, Uyo. For effective network operations, the company has extended its
frontiers to all commercial cities in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States as well
as liaison offices in all states in Nigeria including Abuja, the Federal Capital
Territory and South Africa operational office. Today, IBBIL Computers has over
200 staff strength across the world, which as the Chief Executive Officer,
Honourable Idorenyin James Umo over sees its day to day operations around the

In the political scene, Honourable
Idorenyin James Umo contested for the office of the Executive Chairman of
Ibiono Ibom local government area but that effort was punctuated by military interregnum
at that time and in 1999, when democracy was restored in Nigeria, he contested,
won and served diligently as member of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly and
represented Ibiono Ibom State Constituency between 1999 and 2003 and served in
the capacity of Deputy Majority Leader and Chairman of many House Committees
including that of Works, Housing, Transport and Environment. He was
instrumental for the establishment of weekly prayer meeting in the assembly,
which today has grown into a chapel. During his active service as a legislator,

Honourable Idorenyin James Umo initiated many laudable programmes and attracted
projects that had direct bearings on the people of Ibiono Ibom including
massive innovation of schools, hospitals; building of electrification and water
projects in communities that had dire need. His ascension to the assembly
helped many indigenes of the State Constituency to gain permanent employment
into the state public service, while students enjoyed enormous scholarship from
local government, state, national as well as foreign aids for students in

secondary schools and Tertiary Institutions.As House Committee Chairman, Honourable
Idorenyin James Umo identified and spearheaded some abandoned and corked oil
and gas wells in the state, a situation that made unbearable to citizens of
those communities, he waded into productive action by drawing the attention of
the government and relevant companies and some actions were taken and the
suffering of the people of those areas were alleviated.

As one of the leading voices in the
assembly at that legislative year, Honourable Idorenyin James Umo also waded
into the abuse and marginalization of Akwa Ibom indigenes working in the Exxon
Mobil, the resultant effect of this effort was the immediate promotion of Akwa
Ibom Indigenes to senior managerial positions, which today, that effort has
elevated an Akwa Ibom son to the enviable height as Vice Chairman of the
Corporation who worked diligently and retired honorably.

Honourable Idorenyin James Umo, a native of Ekimbuk in Ibiono Ibom local government
area, graduated from the prestigious
University of Lagos in 1987with a Bachelor of Science
Degree in Business Administration. Aside from formal education, Umo had
attended workshops, seminars, conferences and trainings within and outside
Nigeria, which gave him a wide range of exposure in leadership, business and
governance. Involved in numerous civic and charitable organizations, he is also
a member of the Board of Directors of IBBIL Computers, created to designate a
new level of internationally important ICT world, defined by elegance and
attention to details.

Umo is married to
UduakAbasi Idorenyin Umo (Nee Miss UduakAbasi Monday Ekpuk) of Ikot Afaha Eket
with whom the marriage is blessed with three children (two boys and one girl).

In 2011, Mr. Umo emerged as
the flag bearer of the Labour Party and contested for the governorship of Akwa
Ibom State with “Idorenyin 2011…God with us” as a slogan. This indeed, was a
dream defined for an accepted moment.

In his soliloquizing
moment, Mr. Umo always assured self in optimism, “one day; I will be governor
of this great state”. Whenever he mused among very close associates about
running for the office of governor especially in his youthful age, those
moments were widely dismissed as publicity stunts, but in reality, the time for
the long awaited dream is now that the entire state yearns for a man with
credentials, idealistic activities, very focused without detractive tendency,
humane in character, fair but fame in disposition, which attributes are found
Idorenyin James Umo. Fortunate enough and in tandem
with Divine timing, the office of the governor of Akwa Ibom State has been
politically and Divinely zoned to Itu/Ibiono Federal Constituency in Uyo
Senatorial District in 2023 and Idorenyin Akwa Ibom is here to build upon the efforts
of past leaders, ranging from the era of the Military administrators to the
pioneer democratically elected governor of Obong Akpan Isemin to the cerebral
Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel. He comes with the spirit of creating millions of new
jobs to Akwa Ibom people, making businesses thrive, giving hope to the
hopeless, efficiently utilize funds due the state while economically and
liberally distributing them for the good of the state, building the decrepit
wall of the state, re-uniting the people of the state as one indivisible
people. It is the avowed commitment and Divine contract with God and social
contract with the people of the state that he will not dabble into the
allocation that are meant for the development of local government but ensures
that those funds are used by the players of the grassroots government for
concomitant development.

Mr. Umo will harness the Information,
Communication and Technology (ICT) tools to ensure that all schools in the
state are fully equipped with computer laboratory, according to him, ‘a primary
three child should be able to understand and operate computer independently’.
Apart from making education attracted to students in the state, he is quoted on
Newsfront Newspapers to promising to restore the fallen standard in education,
“as far as education is concerned, we have lost generations and I have the key
to bringing it back to our children”.

Hon. Umo, himself a born again
Christian who constantly affirmed that he cannot deny God, cannot deny his
faith in God and cannot deny the integrity he has built over the years in the
altar of governance but promised to uphold it by giving effective and
God-fearing leadership to Akwa Ibom people with diligence, sincerity, humility
and with all sense of responsibility, “I have integrity and I will try to
preserve it”.

As a homegrown politician and widely
traveled entrepreneur that Akwa Ibom people desire as the next governor, Umo’s
focus is to replicate the development strategies of Dubai, China, Singapore;
security and agricultural might of Israel while the Rwandan model of leadership
would be the Akwa Ibom experience if given the opportunity of serving as
governor come 2023 at the Hilltop Mansion under the platform of the ruling
People’s Democratic Party (PDP).